A square dancing club in Newark, CA.

We dance plus level on Wednesday nights at the Newark Pavilion in Newark, California from 7:30 – 9:30pm. Check out our beginner square dance class on June 5!

Square Dance Club Info

Our caller is James Thompson.

Dancer Information

  • Couples and Singles of all genders are welcome.
  • First Wednesday of the month are party nights. We provide food those days!
  • Drop in fee is $5 a person or $10 a couple.
  • Room is air conditioned and has hardwood floor.
  • Bring your own beverage to club

What is square dancing?

  • Square dancing is a traditional form of folk dance that is performed in a square formation with four couples. It involves a caller who provides instructions for the dancers to follow. 
  • The dancers move in sync with the music, executing a series of steps and formations as directed by the caller.
  • It is a social activity that encourages interaction and teamwork among the dancers. Square dancing is enjoyed by people of all genders & ages and is a fun way to socialize and stay active.

Farmers and Farmerettes

Newark Pavilion
6430 Thornton Ave,
Newark, California 94560
United States

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